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Documentation for Download

Looking for brochures, manuals, certificates, performance statements or other documentation on Thermrad products? On this page you will find all such information. It can be useful when drawing up a specification, quotation or during installation.

Heat release & selection

Calculation tool
The handy Thermrad selector makes it easy to calculate the heat output at differing supply, return and room temperatures.

Builders estimate

Thermrad’s builders estimate provide a functional description of the products. This makes it easy to draw up specifications for your new building or renovation project.


To calculation tool en builders estimate

User manuals

Correct assembly and installation of Thermrad products is essential. A professional installer will be pleased to assist you with sound installation advice.

We recommend checking the suitability of the accompanying fasteners for the wall or surface in question before use. Other installation information and instructions can be found in the manual for each product.

For now, we refer you to the Technical Brochure where you will find drawings per product including connections, dimensions and side views.

See Technical Brochure


Presets Super-8

Adjusting a Super-8 or Super-8 Plateau radiator has never been easier! Set the supplied insert to the right setting, using this handy overview of presets.

See the presets


We place high demands on quality and optimum heat emission. And quality does not have to be expensive!
Heat is essential in our daily lives, it provides us with comfort. By combining quality, design and comfort, Thermrad radiators contribute to the atmosphere and style of any interior.

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