Because of its high heat emission, the Thermrad Vertical series is ideal for situations with limited wall space and a high heat demand like the hallway, kitchen or living room.

Thermrad Vertical Compact radiator



Thermrad Vertical Plateau E radiator


Thermrad AluStyle verwarming schuin


Thermrad RF digitale thermostaat


  • Broad range
  • Flexible installation
  • Fast shipment

Vertical radiators

The space that is left for radiators is getting smaller in many houses, due to popular layout changes with bigger windows, double doors and larger furniture. Many radiators release less heat because they are hidden behind the sofa or curtains. You can prevent this from happening by using vertical radiators. With their slim size, 30 to 70 cm wide, our vertical radiators are suitable for any situation. And because of their height and design, they are
there to be seen. Not only in your living room, but also in other rooms like your kitchen. In most modern kitchens, an increase in storage space leaves little room for a traditional radiator. So a Thermrad vertical radiator is the perfect choice!

Basic radiatoren

Thermrad offers a wide range of basic radiators. Each type is stylishly finished with a decorative casing and side trim.

Thermrad Vertical Compact

Plateau radiatoren

The Thermrad Plateau radiators have a flat design front panel with vertical lines. This radiator fits in perfectly with a sleek and modern interior.

Thermrad Vertical Plateau

Thermrad Vertical Plateau-Elektrische radiator

Thermrad Vertical-Plateau-E

Thermrad Vertical Line Plateau

Aluminium radiatoren

Aluminium radiators are real light weights, they are much lighter than steel radiators. This makes them ideal for spaces with thin walls, like in the hallway, living room or walls with a reduced strength (always be sure to use a 100% safe installation method). Aluminium radiators heat up quickly and efficiently because of their superb heat emission and low water content. Comfortable and energy saving. Besides, aluminium doesn’t rust, making our radiators perfect for humid spaces.

Alustyle Plus radiator

Thermrad Alustyle Plus

Thermrad Alusoft  radiator

Thermrad Alusoft

Thermrad Alustyle

Electrical radiators

More and more people generate their own solar power. Sometimes this means a household produces more electricity than it uses. Of course you would prefer to use this overcapacity yourself, instead of feeding it back to the power grid. Electric heating is a perfect solution, as it is comfortable and sustainable.

Thermrad Alustyle

Thermrad Alusoft Elektrisch

Thermrad Alusoft-E

Control system

The Thermrad RF control system assures you of an optimal inside climate, whether you heat the area with radiators, underfloor heating, electric radiators or electric underfloor heating. You can even use the thermostat to control the lighting. The system regulates the temperature very accurately in every individual space.

RF control system