Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient and constant methods to heat a space. This way of heating uses the floors mass, providing even heat over the entire room. Using underfloor heating, you are no longer dependent on radiators, saving a bunch of creative space for your sofa, table or storage space.




  • Broad  range
  • Flexible installation
  • Fast shipment


The distributor or control unit is the beating heart of any underfloor heating system, making sure the right amount of water with the perfect temperature is distributed over each room and/or group.

Vloerverwarming standaard verdeler

Distributor Standard

Vloerverwarming verdeler

Distributor Composite Industrial

Distributor Composite LTV sustainable

Distributor De Luxe (steel)

Brass distributor


Pipe unerfloor heating | Floor

Pipe Silverline Inverse

Assembly systems

Underfloor heating can be placed in different ways. The choice for the right assembly system partly depends on the existing insulation and whether it’s placed in new/renovation projects or (non) residential buildings.

Tacker plates


Studded plates

draagmat thermrad

Carrier mats