Thermrad horizontal radiators may literally be seen. With their sleek, modern design, they give every interior exactly the right atmosphere and style.


Thermrad Super-8 Plateau voorkant




  • Broad range
  • Flexible installation
  • Fast shipment

Horizontal radiators

The thermal transmitting decorative frames give these radiators a stylish look and feel, with rounded edges and surfaces. Because the radiators are fitted with four, six or eight connections, it doesn’t matter which direction the inlet and outlet are coming from. There is a horizontal Thermrad radiator available for pretty much every situation! Every wall radiator is delivered with consoles for quick and invisible wall mounting; the flat front panel is already fixed to the radiator. Our window radiators are ideal for separate placement in front of a window, because they come without any suspension strips or brackets. With our hybrid-radiator – in the event of low temperature heating using a heat pump – it is even possible to cool your house!

Basic radiators

Thermrad offers a wide range of basic radiators. Each type is stylishly finished with a decorative casing and side trim.

Thermrad Super-8 Compact 200

Thermrad Super-8 Sani Coat

Thermrad Super-8 Compact

Thermrad Compact-4 Plus

Plateau radiators

The Thermrad Plateau radiators have a flat design front panel. This radiator fits in perfectly with a sleek and modern interior.

Thermrad Super-8 Plateau

Thermrad Compact 6 Plateau Hybrid fan

Thermrad Compact-6 Plateau Hybrid

Thermrad Compact-4 Plateau

Compact 6 dubbel plateau raam radiator

Thermrad Compact-6 Double Plateau 200

Thermrad Super-8 Plateau 200

Aluminium radiators

Aluminium radiators are real light weights, they are much lighter than steel radiators. This makes them ideal for spaces with thin walls, like in the hallway, living room or walls with a reduced strength (always be sure to use a 100% safe installation method). Aluminium radiators heat up quickly and efficiently because of their superb heat emission and low water content. Comfortable and energy saving. Besides, aluminium doesn’t rust, making our radiators perfect for humid spaces.

Thermrad Alubasic aansluiting

Thermrad Alubasic

Control system

The Thermrad RF control system assures you of an optimal inside climate, whether you heat the area with radiators, underfloor heating, electric radiators or electric underfloor heating. You can even use the thermostat to control the lighting. The system regulates the temperature very accurately in every individual space.

RF control system