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Underfloor heating assemby systems Carrier mats

  • Low installation height
  • Ideal for covering larges areas
  • Available in 2 different types
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  Carrier mats

Product information

When a new floor is placed, the carrier mat system is a much used application. The steel wire meshes are placed on the construction floor, on top of foil or insulation plates. The pipe is then connected to the steel mesh using straps before covering it up with the screed. This assembly system for underfloor heating is known for its low installation height and is ideal for covering large areas. The galvanized steel mats with a wire diameter of 3,15 mm are available in 2 different types:

  • Grid 100 x 100 mm (dimensions 2100 x 1200 mm) 2,5m2 (order No. 9290671)
  • Grid 150 x 150 mm (dimensions 2100 x 1200 mm) 2,5m2 (order No. 9290047)

Technical information

100 x 100mm / 150 x 150mm , 2.5m2
Wire diameter

Full specifications of the Carrier mats can be found in the Technical Brochure.

Technical Brochure
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