Vloerverwarming standaard verdeler

Vloerverwarmingverdeler Standaard

  • Easy to install
  • Available for small (built-in) rooms
  • With integrated, energy saving, A-label pump
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  Distributor Standard

Product information

The easy to install basic steel distributor is the most used model. It has an integrated, energy saving, A-label pump in the merging pipe between the inlet and outlet bar. The thermostatically prepared valves and multifunctioning foot valves on each group, ensure double locking and adjustability of the underfloor heating.

This edition can only be used for heating. A special 1-group mini model is available for small (built-in) rooms, like a bathroom or fuse box (order No. 9290216).

Technical information

Main and addtional heating
Standard hydraulically neutral assembly, suitable for HR boilers
Flow meters on every group (order No. 9290045)

Full specifications of the the underfloor heating distributor Standard can be found in the Technical Brochure.

Technical Brochure
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