Thermrad RF control system

  • Easy to control the temperature per room
  • easy to use within new or renovated systems
  • Compatible with all kinds of heating types
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  RF control system

Product information

Optimal climate comfort
The Thermrad RF control system allows you to control the temperature per room with a space thermostat or thermostatic head(s). This can help you save on your heating bill, because unused rooms won’t be unnecessarily heated. You can even use the system to cool your house, when using a heat pump for example. The system includes a full assortment of wireless mechanisms, functioning in harmony together. This way, it’s easy to use the system within new or renovated systems, without having to brake walls.

Ready for the future
It’s easy to stay in charge with this control system. Whether you want to control 3 rooms or 50 spaces. The system is compatible with all kinds of heating types, like radiators, under floor heating, electric radiators and electric floor heating.

Technical information

Power supply
230V/50HZ or USB (cable optional)
Full color 4.3"
Wifi communicatie
(2,4GHz) for Smartphone and Tablet (iOS, Android) en webpages
RF communication
868 MHz with WATTS-Protocol

Full specifications of  the Thermrad RF control system can be found in the Technical Brochure.

Technical Brochure
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