Underfloor heating assembly systems | Studded plates

  • Assemby by 1 person
  • Easy to connect to each other
  • Heat and sound insulations
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  Studded plates

Product information

The heavy duty studded plates with solid studs are easy to connect to each other and can be place seamlessly. The 1m2 plates are available in 3 different types and can easily be assembled by one person. The studded plates are placed on the construction floor and attached together. Then the underfloor heating pipe (diameters 14 to 16 mm) is pressed into the studs, after which the screed is placed. When assembled in straight lines, the placement distance between the pipes can be 50 mm or more, in 50 mm steps. When assembled diagonally, the steps are 70 mm.

Technical informations

1000 x 1000 (lxb) - multiple heights18 - 29 - 52 mm

Full specifications of the Studded plates can be found in the Technical Brochure.

Technical Brochure
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