Distributor underfloor heating De Luxe (steel), with separate systems

  • With separate ystems
  • Contains stainless steel plate exchanger and 2 leter expansion tank
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  Distributor De Luxe (steel)

Product information

The model De Luxe with separate systems can be used when an installation is going to be renovated and the components on the primary side of the system (like the central heating boiler) have to be protected against corrosion. This distributor separates the underfloor heating from the rest of the heating system using a heat exchanger. This high quality underfloor heating distributor contains a stainless steel plate exchanger and a 2 liter stainless steel expansion tank. When using for cooling, a composite distributor has to be placed.

Technical information

Main/additional heating and district heating
Hydraulically adjustable - balancing

Full specifications of the Distributor De Luxe can be found in the Technical Brochure.

Technical Brochure
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